Pump with your hands free and your clothes on. You've got a mouth to feed and a world to rule.

Keep Your Shirt On

Moxxly Flow fits in your bra, under your shirt, so you can pump where you want. Because dignity.


Look Ma, No Hands!

The Flow is hands-free because (of course) you want to use your hands while you pump.


"Instead of having to take off their shirts and affix two Xena:Warrior Princess-style cones onto their breasts, the Moxxly Flow allows for discreet, under-the-bra, hands-free pumping."

California Sunday

Hear from our Mother Pumpers


"Moxxly is a welcome, and much needed, option in the breast pump product category. As a working professional, my breast pump is my most valuable mom tool—and I'm thrilled to finally see an option that I can get excited about using!"


"I like the cool streamlined design with features that make it very comfortable to pump hands free under a regular nursing tank or bra."


“So excited for this sleek and smart alternative to the tired old breast pump. Not having to take your bra off is game-changing. I love how Moxxly is attuned to the entire experience of a mom's journey with breastfeeding—both physical and emotional!”

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