Find Your Village People

Find Your Village People

Yeah, yeah:  “It takes a village to raise a child.” How many times have you seen it written in fancy script on Pinterest?

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B 

You get the point.

Would these look great on the nursery wall? Definitely! But will they talk you down when you are ugly crying and eating baby crackers by the fistful? Not so much...

But, seriously, cliches get their overused status for a reason. You shouldn’t attempt motherhood alone, Mama, and the days when the last thing you want to do is be around other people or leave the house might actually be when you need community most. All the inspirational quotes in the world can’t replace simply having other people living life beside you, reminding you that you’re not alone in thinking this whole motherhood thing is quite the run of thankless surprises some days.

So get out there and find your village! Here are our recommendations for where to start looking:

  • Birth class. Who better to laugh with once your babies get here and you realize all the things they never told you in class?
  • Neighborhood mom groups. Proximity! Easy for last-minute playdates! You can walk home after all the wine you'll drink!  
  • Other daycare parents. You are going to be seeing these people for many years. Your kids are friends, so you might as well be, too. For tips on how to find childcare, start here.
  • Coworkers. These ladies understand not only your parenting struggles, but also your work struggles...and a little workplace gossip makes pumping at work a lot easier! Read more about the power of group pumping here.  
  • Online groups. When you're up at 2 am someone else is, too. Learn how virtual support helped this mom get through her first night home here.
  • Postpartum support groups. These people will get it. There is no pretension of being the mom who has it all together. You're sitting in the tub at night drinking cheap beer, eating M&Ms, and pretending you're on a desert island? No judgment.
  • Moxxly! Join our Facebook Insiders, follow us on Instagram, send us a note, and/or test our products. We can assure you: it takes a village (and then some!) to build a breast pump and we’re honored to have you in our squad.

We love to hear stories like these about moms helping one another. A good (mom) friend is like a good (nursing) bra: supportive, close to the heart, and always lifting you up. 

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