“Do one thing every day that scares you.”


You’ve heard that before right? Yeah, that was Eleanor Roosevelt, a bad a** mama of five, former First Lady, and Human Rights Activist who dedicated her life to building a more equal society. She spoke freely, powerfully, and compassionately against sexism, racism, and the effects of poverty. In other words, she was pretty #boss.

In addition to her public duties as First Lady, when her husband Franklin Delano Roosevelt was first elected in 1933, Eleanor was the OG boss mom. While raising her daughter and four sons, she immersed herself as a leader in the political scene promoting women’s political engagement. To namedrop just a few things on her resume: League of Women Voters, Women’s Trade Union League, head of the Women’s Division of the Democratic National Committee and founder of several (women-founded!!) organizations, including: Americans for Democratic Action, Val-Kill Industries, Freedom House, and the National Youth Administration. Somehow she also managed to have time to write nearly 3,000 articles in newspapers and magazines, six books, travel nationwide to deliver speeches, host weekly press conferences while also actings as the president's eyes and ears. Also, she was the only woman out of the six appointed to the first American delegation to the United Nations. During her time with the United Nations, she developed the Human Declaration which declares fundamental human rights and freedoms and is still used today! You go, Mama!

Her impact on FDR’s political agenda and future #bossmoms can be seen through his appointments of women into his Cabinet and her vocal advocacy that no group be left out of the New Deal. Eleanor put working mamas first. When the country prepared for war, she supported a legislation establishing on-site daycare for women defense workers who needed childcare.

Eleanor died on November 7, 1962.  Though she’s been gone for decades, her legacy lives on among us. From her intelligence to her outspokenness to her compassion, there’s just so much we love about Eleanor. Her legacy inspires Moxxly’s female founders’ mission of putting women’s need at the center of their work. Eleanor’s truly a stellar example of how motherhood is totally boss.

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