Nothing To Wear? We Can Help!

Nothing To Wear? We Can Help!

When getting dressed for the office, what was a challenge before the baby might now seem impossible. You want something that doesn’t fit like a vise but doesn’t look like a sweatsuit...oh, and you now also have to be able to pump in it!

I'm supposed to pump in THIS?...As if!

I'm supposed to pump in THIS?...As if! 

Our Best Tips

Because "Chic New Mom" should not be an oxymoron

  • Get a little support. Stand tall and well-supported in your new curves with the help of the right underthings. See Moxxly’s round-up on the best nursing bras here. Also, pro-tip: nursing tanks and bras will save you from having to take off your bra to pump. #winning
  • When in doubt, accessorize. Show your true colors with scarves or jewelry (or, both). Scarves also come in handy for hiding leaks and spills, and can give you great cover for those inevitable in-traffic, broad-daylight car pumping sessions.
  • Keep ‘em separated. Truth: you may have to skip dresses (except wrap-style or nursing dresses) until after you’ve weaned because it’s sort of the worst sitting in a room by yourself in your tights and bra each time you pump. Good thing there are loads of pants, skirts, and shirts ready for duty. Also, we hear culottes are a thing again, and we are so here for them.
  • Always be closing. Tops you can unbutton or unzip are great. Wear them with a cami and then just pull down the straps of the cami to put on your pump bra. We’re big fans of Dwayne Johnson (obvi), but not everyone wants to be shirtless that often.

Our Favorite Pieces

To take you from the conference room to the lactation room and back...and maybe even out for some fun afterwards (if you still have the energy)

Line it up!
Black and white stripes are always in-line with easy, classy looks and they can help hide, distract from, or accentuate various body parts, depending on your goals. Go for subtle striping or bolder patterns to keep you chic and comfy inside the lines.

1. Gray marl nursing sweater by Seraphine
2. Nautical striped cotton nursing dress by Seraphine
3. Long sleeved striped top by milk & baby
4. Tiered nursing dress by Motherhood Maternity

Be Bold!
You’re fabulous, why disguise the fact? Bring on the bold patterns and colors! These nursing pieces are dressy enough for the office without sacrificing convenience. You’ll be the most fashionable person in the room, whether that’s the boardroom or the pumping room.

5. Asymmetric top in animal print by Asos maternity. 
6. Floral wrap dress by Asos maternity. 
7. Isabelle nursing top by Momzelle.

Do yourself a solid. 
Dark solids are a must-have for (surprise!) leaks and/or (surprise!) sweat. But dark doesn’t mean somber. Check out these flattering and convenient cuts that will draw attention when you walk into the office, but not when you need to adjust them to pump.

8. Cardimom convertible cardigan + poncho by milk & baby. 
9. Maternity/nursing jumpsuit by Envie de Fraise. 
10. Wrap Nursing Dress by Asos maternity.

Inspired to do some major shopping for yourself? Trust us, you deserve it.

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