The Best Bra Roundup

The Best Bra Roundup

We designed Moxxly Flow to work under the bra that you want to wear, but we also know that there are many, many types of bras that our breastfeeding mamas love. If variety is the spice of life, then a well-fitting, comfortable bra for breastfeeding women is the secret sauce to successful pumping. Behold, Mother Pumpers, our roundup of the best nursing-friendly bras that we love and, more importantly, our users rave about:

Bravado Buttercup with Moxxly Flow

  1. Build me up, Bravado Buttercup! 

The Buttercup bra features stretchy foam cups which make it perfect for your Moxxly Flow to slide under your shirt and into the right spot. Mamas keep raving about how supportive it is, across a range of sizes, but don’t just take our word for it:

“Comfortable and easy to take off with the snaps” - 34DD mama

“It fits the best, is very comfortable, and you can't see nursing pads through it.” -38DDD mama

“Most comfortable for daily wear.” -32D mama

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback

2. Kindred Spirit in Kindred Bravely’s French Terry Racerback:

This mar-bralous (sorry not sorry!) bra offers an extra wide chest band which makes it perfectly comfortable with and without your Flow. The stretchy soft material makes it a breeze to put the Flow on without taking off any clothes, and just the right amount of compression keeps the Flow in place for on-the-go, hands-free pumping, wherever you are.


Here’s what the mamas say:

“Soft material that doesn’t irritate, it actually holds my breasts in vs some nursing bras are so low cut larger breasts have overflow or fall out the sides. It also gives me good support and shape without an underwire.” -42DD Mama

“It’s the only one that fits well. I wear it most days” - 32F mama

“Kindred Bravely has soft material that doesn’t irritate” -42DD mama

Dairy Fairy Pippa with Moxxly Flow

3. More Magic Than Your Fairy God-Mother: Dairy Fairy’s Pippa and Rose:

While you don’t need a pumping bra to get the perfect fit with Flow, some mamas, especially larger busted women, find that they love the slim design and comfort with Flow flanges, but prefer the stability and fit of a pumping bra. Here’s what Dairy Fairy users love about their Pippa / Flow fit:


“The DF Pippa bra is perfect! I have been using Flow every day at work with it!!” - 34DD 

Dairy Fairy Rose

For a more fashion forward pump bra experience, we (and our customers) love the Dairy Fairy Rose bra, which specializes in providing comfort and support, is soft enough to wear through the night, and fashionable enough to feel like the hot mama you are all day (and night) long.

“This bra is perfect for larger chested ladies because it is the best bra to keep me lifted and supported throughout the day.” - 34G mama

“I love not having to take my hands-free bra off to pump, it’s cute and comfy.“ -40DDD

Simple Wishes with Moxxly Flow

4. The OG: Simple Wishes:

The best part about this bra is that it is adjustable in size to help get the perfect fit. While the Moxxly Flow is made to fit flat against your chest, there is a bit of a learning curve to getting the fit right, so the flexibility of this bra is a huge win for a new Flow mama. Our mamas with larger cup and band sizes love this bra because they feel more secure in it as opposed to a sports bra style.


Why mamas love it:

“It allows me to be hands-free, and the optional halter strap provides extra support when needed” -38G mama

“It will fit all sizes and super easy to put on.” -44G mama

Bravado Body Silk Wire-Free Nursing Bra with Moxxly Flow
5. All Around MVP: Bravado Body Silk Wire Free Nursing Bra

This stretchy and supportive bra was made for Moxxly Flow mamas! It has easy open nursing snap down clips for when you want to feed, and the stretchy band keeps you supported when you want to pump. It also has removable padding if you need a little more coverage.


Why mamas love it:

“It's the most comfortable and supportive (despite not having an underwire) nursing bra I've ever owned.  It also can be converted easily to a regular non-nursing bra when you're completely done breastfeeding.” - 34B mama

“Love that they allow you room to grow, are supportive, and not restrictive.” -XXL mama

And the best part… They all work great with Moxxly Flow! Have any other bras you swear by? Tell us, tell us! Our customer support team is here to help you get your perfect fit with Flow, you can talk to us any time here: 


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