The (Un)Hairy Truth

The (Un)Hairy Truth

It seemed so promising at first...

Did you have your best hair days ever during pregnancy? Did your locks seem thicker, shinier? It’s not just your imagination. Due to hormones (it’s always them!), your body produces more estrogen during pregnancy. This increase in estrogen slows down the hair growth phase, which means you shed fewer hairs and your blowout suddenly has the volume of a pageant queen.

...but it wasn’t all wrist-waves and roses.

Unfortunately, the nonstop good hair days aren’t permanent souvenirs of motherhood. Around 3-4 months postpartum, you’ll notice (and maybe even panic about) your hair coming out in prodigious clumps in your comb or in the shower.  

This is normal. New moms aren’t supposed to look like they just stepped out of a shampoo commercial.

It gets better… eventually.

What’s also normal is that for the next few months, as your hair resumes its normal growth, you’ll be blessed with new hairs -- “baby hairs” -- that you’ll notice around the frame of your face. Even though they can be pesky, they are a good sign-- it means your hair is growing back! The good news is that these can often add volume, but they can also add frizz, fuzz, and wiry flyaways.

Some tips for taming the fuzz:

  • Try gel or pomade around the hairline to whip them into submission

  • Salon time! Stylists should be able to suggest the right products or cuts to style your hair during this (short-lived) phase

  • Headbands! (See our team's favorite headbands + inspo here)

  • If that all falls through, you could consider The Cut

You swore to yourself you'd never let it happen...
Mother Nature’s bag of tricks should come with hair products, too.
(Note: Excessive hair loss or not noticing this process resolve itself by the 12-month mark? Best to see a doctor.)
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