We All Need A Little Support

We All Need A Little Support

Could it be true? We had to find out. So we tapped our Moxxly Insiders and scoured reviews to find the most recommended nursing bras. Here we present the winners across all categories of function, comfort, and cuteness because, as much as we love nursing, we’re still women and we want pretty things.

Some tips on fitting:

  • Size will change (a lot) over the first year of breastfeeding. The first six weeks or so your breast size will fluctuate wildly, but after that things calm down once your feeding schedule stabilizes. You’ll have more bra options at this point.
  • Fit your nursing bras just like regular bras, by taking your rib measurement and your full-bust measurement and subtracting to find the cup size (2” = B, 3” = C, 4” = D and so on). Bravado’s site has a more detailed run-down of how to measure yourself, including a helpful video  (featuring a woman whose serene bedroom offers a much-needed antidote to the panic I feel anytime I need to buy a bra).

And now, onto the community’s faves for every need, size and budget:

The “this bra actually works as hard as I do” bra

Bravado silk seamless, $49
Size S-2XL

This bra was the bra our Moxxly moms loved above all others. Women love its straightforward design, support, and comfort -- and (bonus!) it comes in a nice selection of colors. It adjusts with your body from the last stages of pregnancy through breastfeeding, and onward. Ladies: this bra will last a looong time.

The “do yourself a favor and get 10 of these bras” bra 

Lamaze nursing soft bra, $30 for two
Size S-XL

This bra was a favorite for round-the-clock wear and especially for sleep. Soft cotton and a crossover design make it comfortable and easy to pull down one side of the bra for midnight snacks (your baby's, not yours). One mom mentioned it even held her flanges in place while pumping-- double duty! 

The “still comfortable no matter how engorged my breasts are” bra 

Size S-XL
This bra was a favorite for its support and comfort, rolling with the punches of a chest size in flux over the course of days and months. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in and comes with removable pads for discretion and (gulp!) leakages. And as of this writing, this mom fave is on sale, so we'd encourage you to get 'em while they're hot! 

The “I feel pretty, oh so pretty” bra... The baby's not the only cute one around here

Cosabella Never Say Never Mommie Maternity Bra , $84
Size S-XL

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to mean a sea of beige satin! Everyone’s favorite soft stretch-lace bra now comes in a maternity version, still in a million colors AND still has a matching thong if you’re into that. If you’re still reminiscing about that maternity ward mesh underwear, that’s cool too. We won’t judge.

The “I still got it, baby” bra

Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra, $66
Size C-G, 32-40

Women love this one for its no-nonsense support and ok-a-little-nonsense beautiful silhouette and delicate lace detailing. This looks and feels like a normal, and very sexy, bra - but with all the functionality of a nursing bra. You might not be ready to bust out the bodysuit for your floor routine quite yet (let’s let your milk supply stabilize first), but a pretty bra can go a long way towards helping you feel like your pre-baby self again.

The “wear under anything, go anywhere” nursing tank

Cosabella Talco Maternity Tank, $79
Size S-XL

This was a favorite underlayer among moms because it does double-duty as a cami and a bra. It’s long enough to smooth over the post-pregnancy belly, and helps you look put together when you feel anything but (especially in those early months). The women we heard from recommend having 2, so you always have a clean one to wear. 

The “let’s be real, I’m on a budget but still need a good nursing bra” bra

CHJPro, $18 for two
Size S-XL

We’ve heard women call this bra the budget-Bravado. It’s sporty, supportive, comes with removable pads, and is great for sleep and even low-impact workouts. It also comes with extenders to so the bra can grow and shrink to fit a shape in flux.

The “I need some serious support” bra

Anita Women's Underwire 5035 Nursing Bra, $64
Size C-J and 32-44

When most of the nursing bras on the market are of the “stretchy & sporty” variety and you’re thinking, “that’s cute, but I need an underwire”... the bra simply known as 5035comes to the rescue! Sure it has a cool codename, but more than that! It’s easy to un-hook one-handed for feeding, and it’s not padded, so it adds support but no extra bulk. Winning.

Thank you to all the Moxxly Insiders who contributed their personal tips to this roundup! We want YOUR feedback for our next product roundup: request an invite over on our Moxxly Insiders FB page and join us!

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