What the What: Liquid Gold

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Kale, quinoa, açai, more kale… it only takes a Yelp ‘top restaurant’ search in California or scrolling through your Instagram feed to find the latest trending health craze. But those food blogs left out the biggest superfood producer: you and your miracle breasts. The first milk you produce puts all those superfoods to shame. With optimal micro-nutrient quantities and next to magical ingredients like immune boosters, let’s just say if the media ever put the same spotlight on your colostrum, kale would get pretty damn jealous.

What’s in my milk?

Colostrum, the antipasto of life: the first milk you release is rich, yellow, and small in quantity so your baby’s tiny digestive system can handle it. But not to worry, it contains everything baby needs in one condensed shot. Think of it as a small elixir of life containing:

Protein: way more of this in colostrum than in mature breast milk -- to give the little one strength to figure out life outside the placenta. The proteins also include essential amino acids and antibodies to shore up protection from germs in those first hours and days.

Carbohydrates: to give them the energy to start the biggest growth period of their life. Also because carbs are delicious.

Laxatives: so your baby can pass meconium, which is really just a fancy word for the baby’s first, dark… *drumroll please* ... poop.

White Blood Cells: proteins that counteract foreign substances like bacteria to protect your baby’s immune system. This is essential so that your baby begins life with at least some immunity to the Pandora’s box of dangers floating around our environment. Think of it as a 100% natural vaccine.

Growth modulators: these prep your baby’s digestive system for oral food.

Gut bacteria: the good bacteria, which help your baby establish a gut microbiome.


Although moms give their babies their first milk immediately after birth, your body only really pulls out the big guns and starts hardcore milk production 48-96 hours after birth. Until then, the babies get everything they need in a super concentrated, nutrient-packed thimble-sized serving of magic.

Now can you see why colostrum is literally liquid gold? It’s like what all those green smoothie places are striving for that women just create in their post-birth sleep.

Colostrum production is simply just another piece of evidence proving that women are amazing.

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