Flow + Adapter Kit Setup by Pump Motor

Below we've provided examples of the setup for Flow + adapter kit for the following pump motors: Spectra (S1, S2, 9+), Baby Buddha, Medela Freestyle, Medela Sonata, Freemie Liberty, Freemie Independence, Lansinoh (All), Ameda (All), Motif Duo, and Ardo Calypso.

All adapter kits initiate with the Spectra Adapter Kit setup found here: http://bit.ly/SpectraGSG

Let's get to pumping, mamas!

Spectra (S1, S2, 9+)

Spectra Setup Guide here: http://bit.ly/SpectraGSG

Baby Buddha

More of a video type of gal? Watch us assemble one side here!

Medela Freestyle

Want to watch us do it first? Here's a quick video

Medela Sonata

Freemie Liberty

Note: the setup is similar for both the Freemie Independence and the Nuk Simply Natural Freemie.

Lansinoh (All)

The example provided is for the Lansinoh SmartPump. 

Ameda (All)

The example provided is for the Ameda Finesse. 

 Ardo Calypso

Motif Duo