We built Moxxly

to build products for badass women

It was perfect timing that brought the Stanford founding team together to form Moxxly in 2014.

Within the same few months, Gabrielle graduated from the Master in Design program where she led a breast pump redesign, Cara left her post-MBA corporate job to focus on breast pump innovation after experiencing the indignities of pumping at work firsthand, and Santhi finished her PhD in ME/Robotics, intent on using her powers for good in women’s health.


A team was born. The mission: to give modern moms the best breast pump experience that technology, design, and compassion can deliver.

Our Team

Cara Delzer

Co-Founder & CEO

Gabrielle Guthrie

Co-Founder & Designer

Hannah Clauson

Head of Operations

Hannah Johnson

Marketing Intern

Isabel Ramirez

Marketing Intern

Jake Kurzrock

Mechanical Engineer

Khamvong Thammasouk

Director of Manufacturing

Kimberly Lam

Head of Marketing

Paul Riemenschneider

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Santhi Analytis

Co-Founder & CTO

Silas Reeves


Wisit Jirattigalachote

Hardware Engineer